Brand launch events are about encapsulating the essence of a product and conveying it to the audience concisely. They have to be unique such that they generate top-of-mind recall amongst customers whenever they have to make a choice. At Airborne, we assist you in a host of integrated marketing solutions that give your brand unparalleled exposure and advocacy. We handle everything from designing, conceptualisation to associated activities like entertainment.


Our team of innovative professionals will design and conceptualise the entire blueprint. We work within your professional objectives and budgetary boundaries. We engage, communicate and work in tandem to ensure the launch successfully meets your expectation and industry benchmark.

Direct Marketing

We seek to maximise the brand’s outreach to your potential market. To this effect, we manage the process of making registrations and sending out invites. Emails, social media, advertising and event marketing – we do it all deftly. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that every prospective customer is targeted and invited to be part of your launch. Our team regularly follows up with your invitees and confirms their presence at your event in a systematic manner.

Venue Management

Our team works at every stage to ensure an effective brand outreach. We assist in appropriate venue choices and selection. We coordinate multi-location logistics and concurrent launches, synchronizing all aspects of hotel coordination, F& B Management, travel arrangements and local ground logistics.

Fabrication and Execution

Our team synchronises with you to execute the product launch in an orderly and cohesive manner. We work systematically to ensure that it emerges amongst the public just the way you envisioned. Banner designing, signages, stage Management and all ancillary services are coordinated in accordance to the concept, related theme and final presentation.

Marketing Your Brand

At Airborne, you receive all marketing related services for your brand. Some of our services for creating a media presence of your product are:-

Mementos & Giveaways

It is imperative that your customers have something to remember you by. We arrange for mementos and gifts to be given to your guests and attendees. These tokens can differ for each segment of guests who attend the launch and are picked out in accordance with your tastes and preferences.


Your product launch is nearing the finish line, but it isn’t quite complete if there isn’t a dose of glamour to get the audience hooked. At Airborne, we have a large network that will provide just the right element of glitz to your event. Our services at a glance -