"Travel is fatal to prejudice, to bigotry and to narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

An existence anchored to the safe harbor of home can be secure and steady, but is it exciting enough? Welcome aboard Airborne and let us help you visit new places, meet new people, explore their rituals, try their cuisine – live their way of life.

We are firm champions of change and believe that travel makes you richer - with inspiration, experience and a treasure trove of memories you will cherish for long afterwards. The suspense and adventure new places have to offer are unrivalled. So is the exhilarating sense of freedom when one gets away from the humdrum of life. You can choose to go absolutely anywhere, from luxurious hotels that will spoil you silly to austere ashrams for the spiritual-minded [camps for the backpacker] – we promise a stimulating experience to everyone.

We are here to facilitate your travel and make your journey a smooth and comfortable one. So take the leap, challenge yourself, don’t be content sitting at home, for the world around you has endless possibilities and adventures waiting to happen. All you have to do is embrace the thrill and spontaneity, and leave the rest to us.